Osper Spend Tagging

Tagging is a new feature in the young person's app that allows young people to tag each spend by category. Every month young people can see how much they are spending on what category. Opening up the doors to talk about budgeting, positive spending and potential improvements. Parents can also view their tags but only young people are able to tag their spends.

So how does tagging work?

  • A blue alert bar will appear on the main dashboard of the app.

  • Once clicked young people will be guided to tap on their spends and choose an appropriate category.

  • Once all their spends have been tagged young people can check the summary tab to see how much they have spent. This is split into each category over the past few months.

  • Watch the video below to see the tagging tutorial.

What can I tag?

  • Only spends can be tagged e.g anything you buy in a store or online or any cash withdrawals you make.

  • You can't tag money coming into your account or money put aside for savings e.g allowance, load, gift money, savings.

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