The Osper app can only be downloaded on certain mobile or tablet devices. Most modern smartphones and tablets support Osper, details of these are below.

Apple iPhone and iPad (iOS devices)

You download Osper from the Apple App Store for your iPhone & iPad. We currently support devices with iOS 5.0 or higher (iPhone 4 or above or iPad 1 or above).

You can check what version of iOS your iPhone or iPad uses by going to Settings > General > About on your device.

Android Phones and Tablets (including Samsung, Sony, Motorola etc)

You can download Osper from the Google Play Store for your phone or tablet. We currently support devices with Android 4.0 or higher (most phones or tablets released from 2012 onwards).

You can check what version of Android your phone or tablet uses by going to Apps > Settings > About phone/tablet on your device.

Windows Phone & Amazon Fire/Kindle Phones and Tablets

Unfortunately Osper isn’t available for Windows Phone, Amazon Fire Phones and Tablets, or Amazon Kindle devices.

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