At the moment it’s not possible to set up a second parent/guardian account. This is because when you register for an Osper card you are registered as the account owner and have full control of the account including the ability to view transactions, lock the card, manage the subscription and more.

There are however two options that can allow a second parent to use Osper.

Adding the second parent on Osper gifts

It’s possible for the second parent to load money onto an Osper card using Osper gifts. This will allow them to top up an Osper card and doesn’t require the Osper app, however it won’t give them access to the Osper app meaning they can’t view transactions or control the account by locking the card or disabling online spending.

Similarly they can’t do an automatic allowance, any top ups will need to be done manually.

To do this, the parent who registered the Osper card just needs to follow the steps below;

  1. Log into the Osper app as the parent

  2. From the menu on the left, select Invite Someone to Load

  3. The unique gift link is displayed towards the top of the screen. This is the individual link to top up that Osper Card.

  4. Give this link to the 2nd parent who will be loading the card. You can send this link by email, text message, WhatsApp by simply tapping one of the share buttons.

  5. When the 2nd parent clicks this link, they go to a personalised secure page where they can decide how much to give and enter in a short message. They can access this on any mobile, tablet or computer and don’t need to download the Osper app.

  6. When they’ve completed everything, we’ll send you and the gifter an email to confirm and the money will be available on the Osper Card instantly.

  7. The 2nd parents payment details will be saved meaning they can load money onto an Osper card quickly and easily at any time by just accessing the link again.

Sharing your username and password

It’s also possible for you to share your parent username and password for Osper. This means that the 2nd parent will have full control of the account and can view transactions and control the card, however all payments made will come off the debit card registered on the account.

This means that if you had your own personal debit card attached to Osper, then all payments that are loaded will come off that card. Whilst it’s possible to change the debit card to the second parent, if you wanted to change it back to yours later on you would need to type in all your card details again.

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