Before you go abroad you will need to let us know so we can enable your card for overseas spending.

Please send us a message in the app outlining where you are going and the dates you'll be away and we'll make sure everything is set up for the card to be used abroad.

Please do not include any details about the Osper card.

Where can I use my Osper Card abroad?

You can use your Osper Card wherever Mastercard Acceptance Mark is displayed, but please bear in mind that if you're in a shop or at a cash machine only chip-and-pin transactions are supported.

What ATM cash machines can I use?

An important note is that the ATM must have chip-and-pin entry enabled. Some cash machines, particularly in the United States, use the old magnetic strip method to withdraw cash. Please note that use of international ATMs is available only to those who are on our full product. More information here.

You can find a list of supported ATM’s worldwide on the Mastercard website.

Why can’t I sign for things?

For security reasons, we only allow chip and pin transactions. This makes it much more secure for young people and protects their money extremely securely.

What are the fees?

There are some fees for using your card outside the UK. These are;

  • £2 per ATM withdrawal* - Every time you use an ATM machine, £2 will be charged
    This feature is only available to those who are on our full product.

  • 3% per purchase - A 3% surcharge is applied to purchases. For example, if you buy something for $100, the total cost will be $103.

Osper doesn’t profit on your transactions abroad, instead these charges cover costs passed to us for using Osper Cards abroad.

What exchange rate do you use?

We use the live Mastercard exchange rate on all purchases and withdrawals. The exchange rate is taken from the day the money leaves the card not the exchange rate on the day the purchase is made, this is usually 1-2 working days after the purchase.

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