If you see a transaction for £1.58 labelled iTunes or iTunesComBill, this is known as a pre-authorisation and will be refunded to you usually within a week.

This transaction will show as:
 £1.58 - iTunesComBill

What is this £1.58 charge for?

An iTunes pre-authorisation is a check that Apple makes on a debit card to ensure that the card is working, valid and not reported lost or stolen.

Usually they only do one transaction for £1.58 to check the card, however they may do several if you make a lot of purchases.

How long until I get refunded?

It takes around a week for the £1.58 to disappear, if it’s been longer please email us contact us through the in-app chat. 

Further information

More details on this are available on Apple’s website.

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