If you have several iTunes purchases and don’t know what they are for, you can view your iTunes invoices which breaks down exactly what you have been charged for.

iTunes charges can show as:
iTunesComBill - £0.99

What is iTunes and why have they charged me?

iTunes is an Apple service where you can download music, games, films and TV shows onto a computer, iPod, iPhone or iPad.

To download anything from iTunes, even a free game, you need to enter in credit or debit card details to your iTunes account.

After that’s done, it’s very easy to make a purchase by simply tapping the ‘Buy’ button in the iTunes or App Store.

iTunes and Apps can also let you pre-order music, films and TV shows. Similarly even with free apps, you can also pay for certain power-ups or game tools that can give you an advantage in the game, these are called In App Purchases.

As it’s so quick and easy to make a purchase, it’s important that you check your iTunes invoices often to know how much you are paying for certain things. It is possible that that charge may refer to an old purchase or subscription across any of Apple's services.

Viewing your iTunes invoices

To view your iTunes invoices;

  1. Open iTunes on your computer or laptop

  2. On the right hand side, click your name. If your name isn’t shown it will say ‘Sign In’ - click that and enter in the email address and password for the young person

  3. From the menu click Account Info

  4. On the account information scroll down to purchase history and click See All

  5. Your most recent purchase is displayed, you can scroll through all your invoices here.

Further information

For more information see Apple’s own screenshotted guide on how to view your purchase history.

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