At a glance:

  1. Log in with the parent username and password

  2. Tap on 'More'

  3. Scroll down and tap on 'Online Spending'

  4. Tap the slider switch to change the online spending setting.
    On - online spending is enabled and the Osper card can be used to buy things online
    Off - online spending is disabled and the Osper card can’t be used to buy things online. If an online transaction is attempted it will be declined

Further information:

A parent or guardian can decide if an Osper card can be used to buy things online, this is managed through the online spending option.

What is meant by online spending?

Online spending is used to buy things over the internet and can include things like;

  • PayPal

  • Amazon

  • iTunes

  • Xbox / Microsoft

Online spending is enabled but a transaction is still being blocked?

We always block certain transactions that are age-inappropriate. For example, gambling or adult websites. It is not possible to remove this block.

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