If you do not recognise a transaction or if you think your Osper Card is being used fraudulently, then you should lock your Osper Card to block any further usage.

There could be a few reasons why you may not recognise a transaction. If you are unsure whether a transaction is legitimate or fraudulent a few things you may want to check are:

  • Is it a payment for an old subscription service that you've forgotten about?
  • Are you able to find the retailer using a google search? - If just one transaction has occurred, it may be worth contacting the retailer to cancel/refund any services that have been accidentally signed up to.
  • Have you bought something for a similar amount recently? - Sometimes the retailer will have a different name on your statement

Reporting fraud to Osper

If you think a transaction has been made fraudulently, then we'd be more than happy to investigate this for you and retrieve any funds that have been taken wrongfully in accordance with Mastercard Guidelines.
If you'd like to speak to us about a transaction please send us a message from within the app.

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