In some circumstances when using your Osper Card, you may need to dispute a transaction in order to retrieve funds that were wrongfully taken from your card. We can help with that if:

  • You did not authorise the transaction

  • The goods were not as described or are faulty

  • The goods were never received

  • You were charged more than you agreed to

  • Cash was not dispensed from an ATM

Before Osper can make a claim you need to have attempted to resolve the issue with the retailer unless you did not authorise the transaction. We can only submit a claim if the retailer refuses to refund the money or does not respond and we believe you are entitled to your money back.
We cannot help if:

  • You have not attempted to resolve this issue with the retailer

  • You accidentally purchased the item

  • You decide you no longer want the item

  • Money was sent to an individual through PayPal friends and family or a similar service

How to start a claim
If you would like us to make a claim please contact our Community team to discuss the options available.

To proceed with claiming the money back, please download and complete the Disputed Transaction Form below and send this back to us by email to Should you need any detailed information to complete the form, one of our community team will be more than happy to help.
When you are disputing goods that are faulty or not as described we will need to see the receipt and correspondence with the seller. Please include this in your email, otherwise this may delay how quickly we can process your dispute.

 Dispute Form (PDF) 

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