At Osper we aim to be as transparent as possible about our subscription, pricing and fees as shown on our website. This article aims to answer our most frequently answered questions on the subject.

How much does Osper cost?

For information on our pricing please see our website. Osper charges once per month per card and includes the cost of the cards, in-app chat and email support and more.

How will you collect the subscription cost?

We will collect the subscription from the registered debit card on the account that you use to load money onto your Osper card.

Are there any extra charges when using the card?

We don’t charge anything for using the Osper card, except for spending abroad. You can use your Osper Card in the UK for balance enquiries, shop transactions, cash withdrawals and online with no surcharges or extra fees from Osper whatsoever.

Something to be aware of is that there are limits on how much can be spent and where you can use it. We’ve got all our limits listed on our website.

For spending abroad, we charge £2 per cash withdrawal at ATM’s abroad, and 3% surcharge on all purchases made abroad. More details are available on our spending abroad article.

Why do some cash machines say that you will charge for cash withdrawals?

Some cash machines will display a message that Osper may charge for cash withdrawals. This because the Osper Card is a pre-paid debit card and some card issuers will charge the user. Osper will not charge you for transactions from these machines.

What if I need to Cancel?

Circumstances can change and people can change their minds from time to time, so we try and be as helpful as possible. Contact us at from your registered email address and we'll process that for you.

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