If you enter your PIN number incorrectly more than 3 times the card will be automatically blocked and you won’t be able to use it online, in shops, or to withdraw cash until you unblock it.

Unblock a PIN blocked Osper Card

To remove a PIN block on your Osper Card simply take it to a high street bank cash machine such as a Lloyds, Barclays or Halifax and follow the process below. Some cash machines might have a slightly different process;

  1. Insert your card to the cash machine

  2. Enter in the correct PIN number - if you’ve forgotten it you can open the Osper app and select PIN reminder from the menu to see the current PIN.

  3. Select PIN Services

  4. Select Unblock Card

  5. The card will be unblocked and can be used straight away again

Notice: If the ATM machine asks you to contact your issuer then please send us a message from within your app!

Osper user Evan shows us how to unblock a PIN from Osper on Vimeo.

The card will be able to be used straight away again, just be sure to type in the correct PIN number when using it in future. You can also change your PIN number to something easy to remember using a cash machine using the Change PIN option.

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