You can withdraw money from over a 2 million cash machines all over the world using your Osper card.

To withdraw money from an ATM just follow the steps below;

  1. Insert your Osper card with the orange side facing upward and the chip facing forward

  2. Type in your PIN number

  3. Select Cash Withdrawal

  4. Select how much you want to withdraw

  5. Don't forget to collect your cash and your card from the machine!

Transaction Declined

If the cash machine shows a message that the transaction has been declined, or that there are not enough funds, this means that your Osper card doesn’t quite have enough money available in it for the cash to be withdrawn.

Using the Osper app, check the balance to make sure you have enough money available. If you do, then it is most likely a problem with the cash machine. It’s best to try going to a high street bank cash machine such as Lloyds, Barclays and Halifax and trying the card there. If you continue to have problems please get in touch with us.

My Balance & Available Balance are different

Sometimes when you buy something in a shop or online, the transaction doesn’t go through straight away and might take a few days to show in your account. These are called ‘Pending transactions’.

A cash machine might show you two balances, a balance and an available balance. A balance is the amount in the account not including any pending transactions you have made recently, and your available balance is your balance including the pending transactions.

For example, if you started the day with £100, then bought something in a shop for £30, then the cash machine might show you;

Balance = £100
 Available Balance = £70

This means that you can only spend £70.

Refer To Issuer

If you get this message then it’s best to get in touch with us by sending us message from within your app. We’ll then be able to look into it for you!

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