You can use your Osper card to pay for things online. Online payments are usually instant, safe and secure.

To use your Osper card online just follow the steps below;

  1. After adding your items to your basket, click the Checkout option on the website

  2. Select Mastercard Debit as the payment type

  3. Type in your payment details, these will usually include;
    Billing address - this is the address where your Osper card is registered.
    Delivery address - this is where you would like the items you buy online to be delivered to.
    Card Number - this is the long 16 digits card number on the front of your osper card.
    Cardholder Name - this should be the name as it appears on the card.
    End Date / Expiry Date - this is the expiry date on the card and should be entered in as two numbers for the month and two numbers for the year.
    Start Date / Valid From - this is the valid from date printed on the Osper card and should be entered in as two numbers for the month and two numbers for the year.
    Issue Number - You can leave this blank.

  4. Click Continue/Confirm/Pay to proceed with your payment.

  5. You will get confirmation that the payment has been made and will usually also get an email with your receipt.

Subscription Services

A subscription is where you pay for something regularly and can include services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Xbox Live or PlayStation Network for example.

These services let you type in your Osper card number usually to access a free trial. After the free trial is finished, they then collect the money.

If you forgot to cancel, or weren’t aware that you were going to be charged, then it’s best to contact the company directly and ask for a refund.

Transaction Declined

If the payment isn’t successful, it’s usually because one of the following reasons;

  1. Not enough money - double check that you’ve got enough money on your Osper card to pay for the items.

  2. CVV Number incorrect - double check that the three digits on the signature strip on the back of the card are typed in correctly.

  3. Expiry Date - make sure you’re typing in the expiry date rather than the valid from date.

  4. Security Reasons - we do block transactions for certain online services and adult websites because Osper is for 8 to 18-year-olds. When we block a transaction, for this reason, we will send a text message to the parent.

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