You can use your Osper card to pay for goods at over 33 million shops around the world. Using your Osper card to pay for things is easy, quick and secure.

To use your Osper card in a shop, just follow these steps;

  1. When paying for your items, insert the Osper card into the chip-and-pin card reader (chip facing up and inserted first!)

  2. Check the amount displayed on the screen is correct

  3. Then using the chip-and-pin keypad type in your PIN number, making sure no one can see your PIN

  4. Wait until the transaction is complete and you have been instructed to remove your card from the reader

  5. Make sure you collect your receipt and check the transaction.

If you can’t remember your PIN number just open up the Osper app and tap PIN reminder from the menu. Remember to hide your PIN number and keep it secret.

There are some shops and places where you can’t use an Osper card and that we’ll block for security because Osper is for 8 to 18 year-olds. These include;

  1. Bars & Pubs

  2. Off Licences

  3. Casinos, betting shops and gambling establishments

A more detailed list of restrictions and limits is available on the Osper terms and conditions.

Transaction Declined

If the person on the till tells you that the transaction is declined, this means that the transaction wasn’t successful and the items have not been paid for.

If you’re having trouble using your card in the shops, there could be a few reasons why;

  1. Not enough money - double check that you’ve got enough money in your Osper card to pay for the items

  2. PIN Number incorrect - check that you are typing in the correct PIN number by opening the Osper app and tapping PIN reminder.

  3. PIN Blocked - if you have tried to enter your PIN number too many times incorrectly then your card might be blocked, you can unblock your card at a cash machine

  4. Not using Chip & PIN - for security Osper cards must use chip and pin and don’t support card machines which swipe the card and ask for a signature

  5. Security Reasons - we do block transactions in certain places because Osper is for 8 to 18 year-olds. This includes bars, pubs, off-licences and betting shops. When we block a transaction, for this reason, we will send a text message to the parent

For added security, after every 5 contactless transactions or after £135 is spent in contactless transactions, you will now be prompted to make the next transaction using chip and pin. This means that if your card is lost or stolen and not locked in time, there is a limit to how much can be spent using contactless.

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