Osper requires a valid payment method in order to be able to load money onto your Osper Card. We will also use this payment method for your subscription payment.

If you are having difficulty attaching your debit card to the Osper account it is worth checking the following common causes that prevents you from registering your details.

Notice: Your debit card billing address must match the delivery address that you specified on your Osper Card account.

Incorrect card details

The first thing we always advise you check is that all your card details have been entered correctly. The best way of doing this is to remove all of the information you entered, and then enter it all again double checking:

  1. The long 16 digit card number is correct

  2. ‚ÄčEnsuring that the expiry date (not the valid from date) is entered correctly; this is two digits for the month and two digits for the year and should be a future date

  3. Check that the CVV - the last 3 digits from the back of the debit card located on the signature strip - are entered correctly.

Insufficient funds

It is important to note that at least £1 is required in order to register your debit card. Whenever you add your debit card to any online service (including Osper), the bank will carry out a small test transaction to make sure that the card is a working, legitimate card. If these funds are not available, this test cannot be completed.

Billing Postcode

When registering your debit card, your debit card billing address must match the delivery address that you specified on your Osper Card order. If you need to clarify any details on your order, please email us on help@osper.com or chat to us in app by logging in and tapping "Chat to us" in the top right-hand corner.
If you have recently moved, and your Osper Cards have been ordered to your new address, we advise that you speak with your bank to update your billing address and then to try to add your card again.

Unaccepted Card Type

At the moment we only accept Visa & Mastercard UK debit cards as a valid payment method.

We cannot accept payments from credit or other prepaid debit cards at this time. This also means we are unable to accept Maestro cards.

Declined by Bank

In some cases your bank may block your debit card. This can be caused if they suspect fraud or you may have recently received a new card. If you have checked all of the other common causes and it is still declined, we advise you contact your bank directly to clarify why payment is being blocked.

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