When you order an Osper Card, we’re obliged under various banking laws and regulations to do an identity check.

In some rare instances, we’re not able to complete this check and it can cause a delay in your order whilst we get in touch with you to request some documents.

Why have I been emailed asking for documents?

In the event where we've asked you to provide proof of identity or address, it is because we haven’t been able to complete an identity check on you. This might be because you are not listed on the electoral roll, have recently changed your name or moved house etc.

What documents do you require?

We’ll email you with exactly which documents are required and you’re free to ask any additional questions regarding them.

How do I send you the documents?

To send us the documents, simply follow the link sent to you in your email, this will open a website where you can securely upload them. When sending us your documents it’s important that we can see all 4 edges of the document - we can zoom in on the appropriate areas from this end.

Are my documents secure?

Any documents you send will be treated with the strictest confidence and will be securely kept in encrypted form.

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