As a parent, you can now order a premium additional card from the Osper Dashboard. Simply click here and enter the same parent username and password that you use for the Osper app. Once you log in, you’ll see all your Osper cards and the option to order a new one.

Click on “Add Child” and check out the wonderful premium card designs we are now offering you! The one-off cost for each card will be displayed on the page and it may vary depending on the design you select.

Once you are happy with the new look of your Osper card, you can complete the order by entering your child details. Don’t forget to choose a username and password for their app login!

We will then display the last 4 digits of the debit card you’ve saved as payment method in the Osper app for a smooth checkout experience. If you need to update your card details, please follow the instructions listed here.

The card details will be used to charge the subscription for the new Osper card, which will start 30 days after the card is successfully ordered.

Your card should be with you within 10 days. You can always check your order status by logging into your Dashboard account.

Alternatively, you can request an additional card via email. You'll need to log into the Osper app. Tap 'More', then  'Order another Osper card'.

You will then receive an email requesting the details we need to complete the order. 

You will be able to control all of your Osper cards cards from the same parent account in the app, but each young person will have their a username and password to their own separate accounts.

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