How do I pick a good password?

This is a hard question! Many rules that people use to come up with passwords, such as adding a number at the end of a common word, actually don't add any security at all.

A really good password is long (at least 10 letters), hard to guess, easy to remember, and only used in one place. One trick we like to use here at Osper is to make a password out of the first letters of a rhyme or song. E.g.,


Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea? Spongebob Squarepants!


WL1APUT5?5B5P! (we used a 1 for the letter i and 5 instead of the 'S')


Here's a fun puzzle: can you guess what song we got this password from? LB1fdfdfd

Osper requires, at a minimum, that your password: 

  • be at least 6 characters long

  • contain a lower case letter

  • contain an upper case (capital) letter

  • contain a number

  • must not be a commonly used password (e.g. Abc123)

But if you can, do more than the minimum to keep your password super safe.

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