To comply with regulations, once you have reached any of the Simplified Product limits on your Osper card we’re obliged to collect and record some additional information to upgrade your account and increase the limits, The information requested will include asking you to confirm where the money you load your Osper card with is coming from.

We’ll contact you at your registered email address to confirm the following details:

  • If you are employed: please confirm "I am employed full-time/part-time/self-employed" along with the employer name

  • If you are not employed: please confirm "I am not currently in employment and the money I load to Osper comes from pension/benefits/maintenance or savings" along with the name of the bank

The required details have to be provided within the time frame specified in the email, the card usage might be limited if we don't receive an answer by then. We assure you that the information collected will be treated strictly confidential and will be processed with utmost security.

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